Harald Hamrell

Harald Hamrell directing BECK    Photo: Bengt Wanselius

Harald Hamrell is one of the most successful and rewarded directors of mini TV series and feature films in Sweden. He has been directing and co-writing many of the most popular films and television series. Already in his early teens he was making short films, and was also a child star, acting in film and television.


In recent years Harald has won a number of awards. Among them Prix Italia 2013 for Äkta Människor (Real Humans), Harald was the conceptual director for both season one and two. The series is sold to more than 50 countries and has been produced as a re-make called Humans by Kudos/Channel 4/AMC.


Harald won Kristallen (the Swedish Emmy Award) for the television series Om Stig Petrés hemlighet, (Nothing to be ashamed of), for best Swedish drama 2005. The serie was also honoured three prizes at the international TV-festival in Reims, France in 2006; among them the professional jury prize for best TV-serie.


During the years Harald has directed a number of TV movies in the successful BECK series and also in the last years the smash hit series Miss Frimans War.


Harald was also nominated for an international Emmy in New York 2003 for the mini-series RAMONA.


He has directed films in many genres, both thrillers like Arne Dahl - Misterioso, nominated for the British Dagger Award 2013, as well as the awarded children’s movie En häxa i familjen, (A witch in the family), or the love story Vinterviken, (Winter Bay), for which Harald was nominated a Guldbagge (a Swedish Oscar) for best script.